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I remember some of my amazing art teachers at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, from whom I received classical training that the old masters had gone through.  They are Harry Carmean, Burne Hogarth, Steve Huston and Gary Meyer,  just to name a few. 
My goal in my art classes is to hand down what I have learned from these masters to the next generations.  As much as the art industry is getting computerized, the more traditional artistic training has to be emphasized.  This is what I believe in.  Classical art never dies.

"Creating outstanding art portfolios for the top art schools"

Congratulations Class of 2013!!

Congratulations, Class of 2013 from Steve Ko Art Studio!

4 students are going to private art colleges this Fall with excellent packages from different schools. You have achieved amazing results! I am very proud of you.

The Class of 2013 had the following distinctions:

* 99% offered scholarships
* Offered $1,701,856 in scholarships
* Accepted $380,000 in scholarships
* 9 merit scholarships
* 1 Presidential scholarship
* 100% going to their dream art colleges in the Fall 
    Katherine Choi (Flower Mound High School) - Art Center College of Design
    Tyler Owen (Springcreek Academy) - SCAD 
    Jennifer Kang (Coppell High School) - Parsons
    Yen-Kai Huang (Colleyville Heritage High School) - SAIC

Bethany Scott, one of our models

"You and Ms. Hanna are a great inspiration and provide wonderful leadership to these kids.  In a society where there doesn't seem to be much leadership any more, I think it's wonderful that you and Ms. Hanna are guiding these kids and helping them shape their future.  Congratulations and I am very proud to have been a part of their success"

Mrs. Owens, one of my students' parent

"Tyler enjoys your class, his classmates, your humor, your love of the Lord and the overall experience he's receiving through your instruction.  We firmly believe the Lord guided us to you and it's truly a divine appointment for Tyler to be under your instruction.  You're not only an excellent instructor, but an exceptionally gifted man.  Thank you for making this learning experience something wonderful for Tyler.  He always looks forward to art class and usually comes home with a funny story or two."

Maryann, model

"About the studio: bright and inviting atmosphere, supportive, nurturing, preparation for future challenges, life skills, community of energy, enrichment of academic experience, environment of peer support, classical instruction, personal attention, individual instruction, creative enthusiasm, artistic direction. I think the 'family' atmosphere contributes a positive force for depth of education.

About Steve Ko: the most important word is exemplar: I feel that you live the example, a very admirable trait. I think you could use the term 'Christian', if you wish to, it's a very positive attribute, unless that conflicts with your desired perception.
Excellence of academic experience, inspiring, personal commitment, techniques for success, great depth of experience, joy in teaching, scholastic mentoring"

James Alan, Life Model

"As a life model, I love working for Steve Ko because he provides a comfortable, light-hearted atmosphere, while at the same time demanding instruction to serious students of life drawing. His classical style helps students appreciate the beauty of the human form, and his students achieve excellent results more quickly, with the right techniques. Steve mixes a nice balance of humor and serious fine art education that any aspiring student would appreciate."

Robert Lee, former student, currently studying at Art Center College of Design

"I thank Mr. Steve for putting a huge emphasis on figure drawing which is essential."

Clay Hannah, former student, currently studying at RISD

"Mr. Steve's teachings not only helped me get into RISD; they guided me through my path in getting my college education. As a junior at RISD, most people have already forgotten what they have learned in high school; however, Mr. Steve's teachings of oil painting and drawing were timeless and set up techniques that can be applied anywhere from illustration to architecture. Mr. Steve's teachings have allowed me to manipulate space and form strengthening my illustration concepts, which have pleased my professors who now wish to find me interns in the illustration industry to further my career as an artist."

Gina Song, former student, currently studying at RISD

"As for art lessons, it really has helped me advance technically and taught me to become more confident towards my work. The training did well to improve the way I approach my projects (looking back at the process of my illustrative paintings I did with you). Overall, I just felt your classes truly prepared me by setting a solid foundation to produce quality work (conceptually and technically).

Ashley Chang, former student. currently studying at Parsons

"I learned how to approach a drawing! I also learned from you that even though you might not have natural talents through practice and hard work you can achieve! 😀
This studio teaches you step by step how to draw and paint while other studios either let you figure it out on your own or do it for you... "

Tommy Park, former student, currently studying at RISD

"While other studio's main goal is to just help you get into college, this studio's main goal is to help you so that you are prepared for the tasks in college."

Saemi Choi, former student, currently studying at Art Center College of Design

"Classical training!"

Jeremy Yoon, former student, currently studying at RISD

"Through Steve Ko's private art lessons I learned to truly respect the beauty and skill of the old masters. Prior to taking classes, my taste in "art" was very close minded and conservative. However, Through these classes, I've grown to appreciate respectable artists such as Sargent and Van Gogh. Although my skills and abilities with paint and pencil have sharpened significantly; what I got the most from Steve Ko's art lessons was the ability to understand, interpret, and accept various kinds of art by various kinds of artists. "

Jina Park, former student, currently studying at Art Center College of Design

"I have been taught art under Steve Ko since the seventh grade. Steve Ko has honed my artistic ability and has really shaped my character. He teaches his students the basics and from then on sharpens the style of the student no matter what level you start on. If it was not for Steve’s help I would have never won the Congressional Art Show Award which led me to go to Washington D.C. and view my painting in the Cannon Hall. I was also the only one to win scholarship money from V.A.S.E at my high school. Now that I am in Art Center College of Design I can see that everything Steve Ko taught me in his classroom is relevant to everything I am learning in Art Center. I feel very confident and prepared for college. I guarantee that he is the best of the best and there is no doubt about it."

Jasmin Kim, former student, currently working at an architecture firm in San Francisco

"My name is Jasmin Kim and I’ve studied architecture at UC Berkeley. After graduation in 2007, I have been working at an architectural design firm and, on weekends, I was hired as an instructor at an art institute guiding high school students to prepare for art and architecture in college. Throughout my education and work experience, the art that I have learned from Steve Ko tremendously helped me in any field that required artistic skills of mine. He has taught me figure drawing, pencil drawing and oil and acrylic painting in 2002. It was the best art class that I’ve ever taken and I truly thank him for giving me such a great and useful lessons that I still utilize in my profession. From basic to difficult techniques of drawing, he guides you so well that you become a skilled artist at the end of year. I’ve made my portfolio for college application and I was able to get a lot of complements and scholarships because of his help. I highly recommend him to anyone who is early seeking for a well-organized teacher who can make you enjoy drawing."

Floral Painting/Pet Painting Fees

Demonstrations - Figure Drawing Class and Portrait Painting Class


These classes are designed to get students ready for art colleges so that they might do well when they go to colleges. You may expect the best art education .

  • Perspective
  • Color theory
  • Head painting
  • Painting
  • Background Painting for Animation
  • Color Scheme Development
  • Rembrandt's Texture Workshop
  • Visual development
  • Editorial illustration
  • Figure drawing (Human structure: we learn about bones and muscles in order to build a solid character) and other exceptional courses that will equip students to be ready for colleges !!


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These are some of the recent art students who went to prestigious art schools in the nation.  The goal of my teaching is to get students ready for colleges through classical art trainings so that they can do well in colleges.
Through the years, more than 130 students have gone to the Top 10 private art schools in the nation with excellent scholarships.

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